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CSE is an abbreviation for the Council of Science Editors, which is a nonprofit organization supporting scientific writers in their editorial practice. It is allocated in the United States and has a slogan «CSE: Education, Ethics, and Evidence for Editors». The organization has created a style guide of the same name for writing academic papers in the area of natural and physical sciences.

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If you are asked to write a paper in accordance with this style, the best way to deal with it is focusing on a good sample.

As a matter of fact, the structure of a paper written in CSE style has many common characteristics with other kinds of research papers, although it has significant specificities. Its basic components are the introduction, methods, results and discussion. However, they may vary within the requirements of your professor. Here, you can find the description and explanation of an ordinary CSE sample paper structure.

  • This element lets a potential reader know what is he going to read about and whether your paper lies within his area of expertise and interest. Therefore, your title has to be rather detailed and narrow at the same time. Try to make it from four to ten-eleven words long.
  • Although this part comes before the introduction, you should write it last. The point is, this is a lot like a resume of your research paper, including the main ideas and viewpoints from all the other sections. Remember making it concise: the first sentence informs about the objective of your research, one or two sentences focus on the methodology, the next couple of sentences provides a brief overview of the obtained results and the last couple of sentences (maximum three) serves for the conclusion and implication.
  • In this part, you need to begin with the scientific foundation explaining the significance of your research paper topic. Inform the reader about the questions that you answered in this paper and your research purpose. In the end of the introduction, write down the hypothesis you were dealing with in order to answer all the raised questions and to achieve your objective.
  • Materials and methodology. Here, you need to explain the methods of your research in such a way, that your colleagues could comprehend them completely. You should mention the most important moments without going into details. First, explain what you did for getting the essential data (this is where you have to describe the methods) and then, what you did to understand it (this is a place for the analysis). You may include subheadings, if appropriate, although you have to write in a short and clear form. Remember writing in the past tense, since it is going to be about something that you have already done. Look how it is written in the CSE sample paper and follow the example.
  • Obviously, this part is going to be about the results of your research. You need to show and describe what scientifically important issues you found, although don't provide the reader with your own opinion in this respect. You can insert here graphs, figures or tables, if you have such. However, don't overuse the graphic presentation and don't use it instead of verbal manner of writing. In other words, this is the section, which proves the significance of your research. As a rule, this section is the longest in the paper and it is the foundation on which your research stands. Therefore, it is very important.
  • This is almost the end of your paper. In contrast to all previous sections, here, you have to provide the reader with the explanation of the meaning of your research and its role in further inquiry in this area of study. Show that you have answered all the raised questions and achieved the objective. Pay attention that the success of your research paper depends not on the length of the conclusion, but on the richness of its content.
  • Literature cited. This is important for making arguments and building a strong basis for putting your hypothesis on. Include in your paper only remarkable references that are not well-known to everybody. It is allowed to use internet sources, although it depends on its character and content. You may use the results of other researchers' and scientists', which you think are relevant to your topic. In this section, you need to alphabetize personal names starting on the last name and including all the particles, like "la", "del", "da", etc., that precede the name. When mentioning organizations or companies, avoid articles.

This is a brief commentary to a CSE sample paper that you will probably need when writing your paper. You need to realize that even great and remarkable result of your research will not help you make a success of your paper if not to write them down appropriately. Therefore, evaluate all the time, knowledge, skills and possibilities that you have and think whether that will do for your good mark. Take into consideration that we are always ready to help you in this deal and you can contact us at any time.

In addition, our team of professional writers has enough relevant experience in various fields of studies, so you can use our help every time you face difficulties with your assignment, whether it is literature or chemistry.

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