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If you study computer science and engineering in a college or a university, you most likely face assignments such as presentations in the area of numerical computing, discrete algorithms, modeling and simulation, computational data analysis and machine learning, high performance computing, etc. Here, we would like to offer you a list of possible ideas for your presentation with a brief explanation of what you may research within that or another topic.

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Metasearch engine presentation. If you choose this topic, you can make a research about metasearch and find out how it uses information for getting results from the World Wide Web. Tell your audience that this search tool is a great solution for overcoming the huge amount of various information that is stored in the Internet.

Global Positioning System presentation. This is your opportunity to come to know more about GPS space-based navigation and also give you colleagues some rather interesting facts. GPS is nowadays an absolutely indispensable thing (no more an innovation, though), which determines dislocation and time data in all kinds of weather patterns, everywhere throughout the Earth and near it. This technology gives significant opportunities to military personnel, commercial users and even civil people far and wide across the world.

Biometric technology presentation. This is a good topic for those, who want to surprise their colleagues with some facts that they one hundred percent didn't know. For example, that India is a big biometric database, or that China is already using facial payments technology, or that PayPal got into fingerprint recognition. Quite curiously, isn't it?

Brain-computer interface presentation. This may be a research presentation about mind-machine interface, which serves as a direct communication track line between the real human brain and an external device. You can tell your audience about the history of this phenomenon, which started at 1924, as well as about the prospects regarding further inquiry of this issue, like human BCI research, experiments with animals, brain-implants for people struggling from blindness, etc.

Blue eyes technology presentation. This is one more topic that has to do with the interaction between humans and computers. This is about how people can speak with their computers, cars, smartphones like they are alive. Basically, the point is in giving the computer a human power so it could think, speak, behave and react like real people do.

Machines with artificial intelligence. This topic deals with the intelligence exhibited by software and raises such significant philosophical issues like the nature of the mind and the limits of scientific possibilities and hubris. Present the main issues in the study of artificial intelligence, like perception and the power to move and manipulate objects.

Auto-pilots presentation. If you choose this topic, you may do a research concerning the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic system which is used for guiding vehicles without actual assistance of a human being. Find out when and where the first auto-pilots appeared and what are perspectives of mass enjoyment of this technology.

Sensitive skin presentation. This is a topic about such phenomenon as a large-area, flexible cellular matrix (array) of sensors possessing data processing abilities. In future, in can be used for covering the surfaces of machines and even human bodies. Sensitive skin technology will soon allow creating prosthetic devices for disabled people, as well as will be a significant breakthrough in the area of information technologies.

Thought identification technology. This is one of the most exciting and troubling issues which has been payed much attention since the beginning of mankind. Thought identification is a technology that has to do with reading people's minds and thoughts. There is already a scanner for thought identification exists, and its successful exploitation is only a question of time.

Simulated reality presentation. Here, you may tell your audience about the hypothesis that reality could be simulated by means, for instance, of computer simulation, so that we could hardly distinguish it from the true reality.

Lie detection technology. Describe the achievements in this area of science and its significance for humanity. Find out what exactly technologies of lie detection exist today, like cognitive polygraph, eye-tracking, facial EMG, etc.

All in all, you are welcome to use the above-mentioned CSE paper presentation topics if you find them appropriate for your class. However, you can always use our additional assistance, which is available for you every day at any time. Please note, we can help you with many other issues.

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